ZINITH FASO (ZF) Société SARL de commerce générale import - exportZINITH FASO (ZF) SARL general trade import – exportZINITH FASO

ZINITH FASO (ZF) Société SARL de commerce générale import - export

NOS ACTIVITES SONT LES SUIVANTES : COLLECTE ACHAT ET VENTE Or 22 carat +, Sésame, coton, Karité, Noix d’acajou

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ZINITH FASO (ZF) SARL general trade import – export

OUR ACTIVITIES ARE: COLLECT PURCHASE AND SALE gold 22 carat +, sesame, cotton, Shea butter, cashews

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Un destin commun, une responsabilité partagée ! --------------- A COMMON DESTINY, A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY

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ZENITH FASO was created by a group of young (child miners and planters)

Our company, aims to create a platform of trust and reliability on the board of the international market in order to prove that there’s good intentions in Africa who wants a sincere and serious cooperation. For some time, we decided to train ourselves for the purpose of grouping more Produce and earn the international market with a common idea, which is all time Beneficial to our society which is in emergency situation, which is still a benefit to our village community

You should know that we are working according to the current regulations established by the BURKINA FASO’S Government, and also according to the rules issued by various international bodi es that ensure our field of work. For this we have signed a contract with the various miners and farmers, the cooperatives can reliably collect large quantities of goods here in Burkina Faso.  ZINITH FASO is downstream of various transactions, the groups and cooperatives collect gold, and ZINITH FASO give them an advance payment on the goods and recovers gold for sale.

We use this opportunity to let you know that you shall prepare to come or send a person who will be acquired in our work area. It means that we will accompany the appointed person to our extraction site and also allow that person to get in touch with our authorities from the channel of our group in order to let him have all the necessary details on the purchasing module and the displacement (Exporting) of the goods from our territory.

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Company registration and trade permit, collect, purchase and sale:
Registered at Commerce (Chamber of Commerce). RCCM: BFOUA2014B5933
Tax-reporting. IFU: 000605775K


A common destiny, a shared responsibility