ZINITH FASO (ZF) Société SARL de commerce générale import - exportZINITH FASO (ZF) SARL general trade import – exportZINITH FASO

ZINITH FASO (ZF) Société SARL de commerce générale import - export

NOS ACTIVITES SONT LES SUIVANTES : COLLECTE ACHAT ET VENTE Or 22 carat +, Sésame, coton, Karité, Noix d’acajou

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ZINITH FASO (ZF) SARL general trade import – export

OUR ACTIVITIES ARE: COLLECT PURCHASE AND SALE gold 22 carat +, sesame, cotton, Shea butter, cashews

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Un destin commun, une responsabilité partagée ! --------------- A COMMON DESTINY, A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY

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ZINITH FASO is in partnership with over one hundred and twenty (120) groups and cooperatives in Burkina Faso. Our structure is responsible for financing these groups and cooperatives to purchase Fertilizers, insesite-minier-burkina-fasocticides, herbicides, pump motors, tractors and various … We contributions to schooling and access to medical care, children of peasants. In return, the farmers prefer our flow network, reserving us the first choice of products for our partners.

Pledge of our sincerity and honesty, these groups and cooperatives have developed a relationship of trust in our global network. However, given the growing competition from the world market and in the interests of sustainable planning our productivity, we are looking for buyers, partners and development assistance cooperative vocation seriously and able to plan on larger quantities of our products with contracts in the long term.

Furthermore, we request access to funding in order to be mo PHOT OR ZINITH FASO 1re competitive on the international market

In turn, we also guarantee to our financial, access to a constant supply line. And delivery of increasingly growing, our products. Thus, thanks to rebates generated, we contribute more effectively, with the sectoral development groups and cooperatives. And above all, to social development; by the aid in the construction of schools, maternity, drilling … In the villages.


Therefore, we invite the buyers and partners, for field visit. To be faced with the evidence.