ZINITH FASO (ZF) Société SARL de commerce générale import - exportZINITH FASO (ZF) SARL general trade import – exportZINITH FASO

ZINITH FASO (ZF) Société SARL de commerce générale import - export

NOS ACTIVITES SONT LES SUIVANTES : COLLECTE ACHAT ET VENTE Or 22 carat +, Sésame, coton, Karité, Noix d’acajou

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ZINITH FASO (ZF) SARL general trade import – export

OUR ACTIVITIES ARE: COLLECT PURCHASE AND SALE gold 22 carat +, sesame, cotton, Shea butter, cashews

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Un destin commun, une responsabilité partagée ! --------------- A COMMON DESTINY, A SHARED RESPONSIBILITY

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We inform you that our company always sends the goods to the address specified by the purchaser having previously established all ad
ministrative documents from our insurance locally before shipping the goods. We can deliver in all international airports except the countries that are on the Red List of the International Court of precious metals trade and other goods we sell. We have a Transit structure with which we work and who is responsible for monitoring the goods to the final destination. Howev er, you can make proposals in the transmission and receipt of your goods.